Another Fantasy Football Owner Bites The Dust
The McGee Survivor League turned a little ugly, literally, this week as the beautiful owner of SF Col’s Guys, our lovely Horsefeathers4Colleen, was bounced by the sub par performance of her beloved Drew Brees.  Wagstaff’s pick as one of two main contenders for the title, Col’s Guys departure sent shock waves throughout the league.  Good news for the rest of us, however, as we no longer have to contend with Brees.  That also left us with just one pretty face; our token Minnesotan, Jen G.  Given up for dead last week before a Lazarus-like resurrection courtesy of an NFL scoring change, she took full advantage of her second life by running up the highest total of the week.  Her re-entry came at a cost, however, as our own Southside Johnny and his Fighting Armadillos took one in the shorts, instead.  It’s certainly been a rough two weeks for the Holmdel Division.  If you’re scoring at home, that’s three down, ten to go and Wagstaff, shockingly, still alive.

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Fantasy Football News and Notes
We all know how much Terrell Owens attitude can cause in the clubhouse.  We’ve seen it in San Fran, Philly and Dallas already.  And, given time, it’ll happen in Buffalo.  That said, shame on the Bills’ beat writers for trying to goad Owens into blasting the team’s game plan…Bad day in San Diego for the Professor’s favorite NFL’er, Chad Pennington, as he seriously injured his throwing shoulder for the third (and possibly last) time.  If his career is truly over, he’ll be remembered as a great teammate, leader and winner.  Say what you want about his soft-tossing style but give him his due.  When healthy, he always won, never more impressively than last year when he guided Miami to the biggest turnaround in league history… Can someone explain how San Francisco allowed any receivers to get behind them on that last play in Minnesota?…  As if things weren’t already bad enough in Oakland, assistant coach Randy Hanson has now detailed for authorities how his jaw was broken by head coach Tom Cable; something he previously denied…Mike Shanahan’s name has already begun to surface as a possible replacement for embattled Redskins’ coach, Jim Zorn…Tell me again how the Giants are going to regret not signing a big name replacement for Plaxico Burress… Looks like Fantasy Owners that drafted Michael Crabtree as a late round flier won’t be getting much in return this year as both sides refuse to budge in contract talks… With Dwight Freeney out 2-3 weeks, the Colts already shorthanded defense may face struggles it can’t overcome.

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Fantasy Football Stars- Love 49’ers TE Vernon Davis vs. St. Louis, especially after his 2 TD performance last week.  He’s become San Fran’s #1 option through the air; a far cry from being banished from the bench in coach Mike Singletary’s first game… Carson Palmer should be 3-0 but for the fluky, last play that gave Denver a win in Cincy in the opener.  Palmer is fresh off a victory over the Super Bowl champs and starting to click with his receivers.  Bad news for the atrocious Cleveland Browns… Giants’ RB Brandon Jacobs should have one of his best games of the season this week in KC.  The Chiefs can’t stop anyone.

Fantasy Football Stiffs- Raiders QB JeMarcus Russell is fat, out of shape, confused and a victim of the disarray so much a part of Al Davis’ organization…  Al Davis doesn’t own the Buccaneers.  After that, the same adjectives apply to Byron Leftwich… We’ll save space here and list the Cleveland Browns as a unit.  From the head coach on down, this team is a train wreck whose players you can’t afford to use.  How do you like Mangini now, Cleveland?

Fantasy Football Sleepers- With Marion Barber and Felix Jones banged up, RB Tashard Choice becomes just that in Dallas.  He was very impressive in his Monday Night cameo… Minnesota WR Percy Harvin is becoming a regular on this list.  Not only has he quickly emerged as Brett Favre’s favorite target, he’s now added special teams prowess to his resume…  Since Peyton Manning lost Anthony Gonzalez as his second receiver, he’s made do, quite nicely, with WR Pierre Garcon, who’s had a long TD grab in each of the last two games.

Fantasy Football Slippers- One thing Cardinals’ RB Tim Hightower had going for him was that 1st round pick, Beanie Wells, was having trouble hanging on to the ball.  That is, until Hightower coughed it up himself last week.  Look for Arizona to use its bye week to make Wells a more viable part of the attack and take carries from Hightower… Bills’ WR Terrell Owens had no catches last week for the first time in 185 games.  That won’t happen Sunday in Miami but he and Trent Edwards are clearly not in sync… Lost in the euphoria of the Jets’ perfect record is the struggling RB Thomas Jones. In New York’s victory over Tennessee, he carried just 14 times for  20 yards.  Jones has struggled for most of the season, his strong second half vs. Houston the lone bright spot.

BYE WEEK- Arizona, Atlanta, Carolina, Philadelphia

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