‘Tis The Season…

by Terrence Mayrose

WLTW-FM 106.7 in New York began playing Christmas music 24 hours a day starting the day after Thanksgiving. I would argue the station may be a little excessive with their “holiday spirit”, but nonetheless it brings up a very good point, the Christmas season is here; whether we want it to be or not.

In the college basketball world, coaches and players are approaching a time that is just as difficult as the Christmas season…conference play. The same way normal fans must deal with shopping, traffic, cold weather, and untangling the lights; college coaches must deal with their own struggles of hostile student sections, academic eligibility, road trips, and most importantly winning games.

In the first installment of this year’s Triangle and Two blog, I thought it’d be a good time to use Christmas songs to explain some of the story lines on the college hardwood thus far. Continue reading »

by Eddie Mayrose

College Basketball Winners and Whiners

What’s better than the opening of the NCAA Tournament?  Not only does it signal the beginning of the best event on the sports calendar, it brings to a close the four days of whining we are forced to endure annually from the coaches that feel their teams were unfairly excluded.  Here’s a thought, guys.  Beat someone.

For the second year in a row, Virginia Tech’s Seth Greenberg is telling anyone who’ll listen that his Hokies got the short end of the stick.  He counters the argument that his non-league schedule included a few high schools by pointing out that his squad had a better record than NCAA-bound Wake Forest and even beat the Deacons head to head.  That’s fine.  However, with the Big Dance on the line, they got knocked out of the ACC tournament by Miami; the worst team in the league.  So, spare us all, coach.  You had your shot and blew it.  Don’t expect the Selection Committee to clean up your mess. Continue reading »

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