by Terrence Mayrose

There are a million different scenarios and things to consider when examining the biggest summer in basketball history that won’t involve a single jumper being taken. Everything from coaches, championship prospects, location, and, most importantly, money will play a role in the decisions of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade,Chris Bosh and company. It’s hard to know what will unfold and where each player will end up, (Despite what ESPN may want you to think), because only the players themselves really know where they will be inking their names come July 8th. While the final result may be hard to figure, comparing these guys to something isn’t…for me, anyway. It may seem odd, but the main pieces in this free agency period hold a striking resemblance to the cast of Saved By The Bell. Let me explain. Continue reading »

Cheerleading’s Not a Sport, Is It?

by Eddie Mayrose

In his book, Hate Mail from Cheerleaders, former Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly recalls the incendiary comments he made about cheerleaders that sparked the mountain of protest letters he received. “Cheerleading is not a sport!”, wrote Reilly.  “There are ten or twelve sports for girls at every high school.  If you want to play a sport, get in between the lines and play a real sport.  But, wearing a circle skirt and a tight sweater and facing away from the field going, ’2-4-6-8′ is not a sport!”

Now, I must admit, there was a time I’d have screamed, “Amen” to all of that.  I had three boys playing different sports throughout the entire year and a daughter doing the same.  So, when she came to her mom as a fifth grader to ask for help in petitioning me to allow her to join the cheerleading team, I was not happy.  I had an extremely dim view of everything about the activity (certainly not a sport); from the over-the-top parents to the considerable expense.  “What’s wrong with basketball, track and softball?”, I asked.  “Heck, if you’d like, I’ll even teach you to play golf.”  But, she was not to be swayed so, much to my chagrin, I became a “cheerleader parent”. Continue reading »

by Eddie Mayrose

Sports Heroes are Everywhere; If You Know Where To Look

There were seven minutes left in the CUNY Women’s Basketball quarterfinal when the College of Staten Island suddenly found itself in a battle.  What had looked to be an easy win was now in jeopardy as visiting York had whittled a twenty two point deficit down to ten and taken hold of the momentum of the game.  Then CSI senior guard Mallory Ameneiros, with five of her ten teammates on the bench in street clothes, decided that this was not to be her last college game.  It was a decision she’d made twice before, but this time, it was made on the court; not in a doctor’s office. Continue reading »

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