Gil Lock Happy to Be Back
by Eddie Mayrose

One casualty of the respite taken by those here at Fantasy Sports Dirt was Gil Lock, the guru of Ryno Rife Sports Handicapping.  During our ryno-rife5previous run, we featured Gil’s weekly college football selections, often with less than stellar results.  There came a point, actually, that things got so rough, his wife Jill and nephew Pad were summoned to his rescue, eventually being featured in the column as well.

Last week, after an incessant barrage of calls from Gil trumpeting his huge success over the first three weeks of the season and demanding that we restore his forum.  Careful what you wish for, Gilly boy, as this didn’t go so well the first time around.  That said, it is with great pleasure that we re-re-reintroduce our Locks of the Week. Continue reading »

It’s an expression we hear from time to time, usually to explain away boorish or illogical behavior by the faithful followers of a particular sports cheap_seats_3-150x150team.  “You know”, some expert will always opine, “ the word ‘fan’ comes from fanatic.”  Deep stuff, to be sure, but not a blanket answer for every situation, and, especially not deep enough to cover the nonsense coming out of the Bronx this weekend, where, it seems, “fanatic” is another word for idiot.

Let’s dismiss, for now,  the ridiculous notion that River Avenue should be renamed “Rivera” Avenue in honor of retiring pitcher Mariano Rivera.  We’ll save that for another column, although, I’m wondering how a relief pitcher toiling for the same team as Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, DiMaggio and Berra becomes the first for whom a street is named. Continue reading »

It’s been a while between Cheap Seats, something pointed out to me by good friends that either enjoy my writing or politely lie about it. Took a stab at earning some money on another site but, alas, the industry is fraught with cheap_seats_3-150x150dishonorable people making a living from the talent of others. It’s ironic that I’d make the decision to turn my back on them so close to this terrible anniversary, one that, through all its sadness, reminds me of the friends with whom I’ve been blessed throughout my life. Today, in particular, Bernie Schumer, Tim Fitzpatrick, Anthony Raisley, Paul McDonald, Brendan Grady and Ryan Gillock are in my heart and mind as I recall the support they provided to me and each other during that horrific Tuesday morning. We’ve all fallen on difficult times since that day, some more than others. The saddest fact, however, is that we no longer spend our days together on the NYSE floor, a place where your word was everything, and loyalty was a way of life. I miss them all every day, but, especially, on this day. For some reason, this year’s remembrance is a little more painful for me. I have no idea why. I’m hoping that a few retro posts, about good that overcame evil, might make me feel a little better. Worth a shot, anyway.

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