Jason Kubel as Reliable as They Come

by Eddie Mayrose

I remember the last time I saw Billy Joel in concert.  It was 2005 at The Garden, more than a decade after he’d released his last album, River of Dreams.  Yet, here was the world’s most famous arena, packed to the rafters by middle aged men and women who’d been following the Piano Man for decades.  Why?  Because they all knew what they were going to get.  A terrific performance by an artist that had never let them down.  Like an old friend, Billy Joel delivers, and that reliability is what makes him so attractive.

Diamondbacks’ OF Jason Kubel may not be able to play the piano, but he’s another artist that never lets you down.  Better still, he doesn’t even cost very much as, year after year, Kubel goes in the very late stages of most mixed league drafts.  Yet, for his loyal followers, he’s a huge bargain- delivering robust BA, HR and RBI stats worthy of a selection made much earlier. Continue reading »

Penn State Officials Enabled Sandusky

by Eddie Mayrose

“Callous and shocking disregard for victims”.  That is how Judge Louis Freeh described the actions of the fraud, Joe Paterno, and the rest of the Cowardly Lions of Penn State as they attempted to cover up the criminal actions of Jerry Sandusky. Maybe now, after all this time, Paterno’s apologists, the ones who insist that the gutless coach followed procedure by reporting what he knew to his “superiors”, will shut up and go away.  It is time for the university, more of an inbred cult than a school, really, to acknowledge the heinous actions of the small coward that patrolled its sidelines for nearly half a century and turn its attention to finding a way to, finally, deliver justice to the victims. Continue reading »

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