But Will They Dig the Same Guys In August?

By Eddie Mayrose

No matter how closely we follow Fantasy Baseball, there are still those, “Really?”, moments that occur as we follow the scroll on the bottom of the screen during MLB Network’s Quick Pitch. Adam Dunn has 15?!  Who’s this guy Reddick with 12 for Oakland?!  Isn’t Dayan Viciedo in the minors?  Some form of each of these questions has been asked over the past few weeks by just about everyone but the jurors that fell asleep at the Roger Clemens trial. And each was followed by the same musing:  Can he keep this up or have I already missed the boat.

The late, great Forte Bellino of the 40Kane Fantasy Baseball League had a saying for such transactions. “Missed the wedding, made the funeral.”  It seems more likely that, having missed the hot streak from Edwin Encarnacion that owners have expected for the better part of a decade, you’ll pick him up or trade for him and watch him immediately revert to his standard mediocrity.  For the good Doctor, such transactions become Fantasy Baseball’s version of a cold shower, as he’s never had a problem cooling off the hottest of players.  So, where does that leave us with those guys that have enjoyed an unexpected burst of power to this point? And, perhaps more importantly, who are the late bloomers that might land a date with the hot girl before the season is out?  Let’s take a look. Continue reading »

Timing is Critical in Tweaking Your Roster

by Eddie Mayrose

Got a call this week from one of my favorite patients, Marc Hibsher, of the 40Kane Fantasy Baseball League.  It wasn’t entirely pleasant, as he was having difficulty following the method for Fantasy Baseball success that I had prescribed for him shortly after his draft.

“OK, Doc”, he began.  ” I get the whole patience thing.  I agree that the first two weeks aren’t a large enough sample of how the season will unfold and that I can do more harm than good by being hasty.  I actually agreed with you, as hasty has never been a good fit for me.  Actually, hasty has always gotten me in trouble.”

“However, I’m a month into my season and I’ve got a guy riding Matt Kemp and Josh Hamilton and running away with my league.  Now, can I do something?”

Well, Marc, I’m going to say yes, but advise moderation.  The danger you face in pulling the plug on some of your draft picks is to ship guys out that are on the verge of breaking out, while others that you desire may have a bit of a false resume.  You could end up with a non-substantive squad as empty as a newspaper with no news.

Let’s bulldozier our way through some Buy Low, Sell High and Stay Put candidates and see if we can rehabilitate your roster. Continue reading »

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