Grapefruit and Cactus News Could Swing Your Season

by Eddie Mayrose

For many serious Fantasy owners, their pre-season prep work involves in-depth analysis of statistics, mock drafts and statistical projections.  Comprehensive stuff, and a great foundation for a successful Fantasy season.  Their work continues during training camps, as they track injuries and position battles that affect playing time.

In today’s world of instant information, delivered to smart phones and tablets, it’s extremely difficult for even the most casual Fantasy players to miss that Ryan Madson and Joakim Soria have been lost for the season. Or that Ryan Howard is two months away from playing and David Wright has been dealing with a rib injury. What used to be a significant edge for the hard working owner has been eliminated, mandating that more digging is needed in order to have a leg up heading into the draft. The question is, where to dig?

You might want to point your shovel toward the AL and NL notes published daily by USA Today.  With just a little practice, you’ll learn to read between the lines; unearthing valuable tidbits of information that will allow you to identify potential sleepers and busts not known to the more casual Fantasy player.  You may have to connect a few dots, but you’ll reap the benefits later on.  Here are a few players we’ve come across just this week. Continue reading »

Earning You Fantasy Ph,D

by Eddie Mayrose

Before ESPN, CBS and Yahoo realized the amount of money they were leaving on the table by ignoring Fantasy Baseball and its enthusiasts, there was a simple formula for success in a Fantasy league: be prepared.

Those guys that digested the preview publications beginning in January, scanned Baseball America for prospects and read the daily team notes in USA Today were miles ahead of the guys that picked up a magazine on their way to the draft. Today, all of that information is available to any bonehead with a laptop, even if he doesn’t look at it until draft night.

With that advantage gone, the mechanics of the selection process are the sole vehicle by which experienced owners can separate themselves from the rest of the pack.To that end, Dr. Graham has decided to share the tenets by which you can dominate your draft. Continue reading »

Evaluating Fantasy Players With New Addresses

by Eddie Mayrose

It was an interesting off season for free agents that had, formerly, been the faces of their franchises.  Since the Cardinals finished off the Rangers in the World Series, Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, Jose Reyes and Jonathan Papelbon have all signed mega-deals and changed the landscape of their new teams as well as the ones they left.

While these four perennial All Stars are certainly the most notable of the players that are wearing different uniforms in 2012, there are many more that, when valued correctly, can go a long way to improving your squad this season. Continue reading »

Risk/Reward is Key in Evaluating Injured Players

by Eddie Mayrose

Stand outside the draft room of any Fantasy Baseball League and you’ll run into him when it’s all over.  He’s in every league; we all know him.  He’s the guy who selects an All Star team from two years prior but, because of injuries, starts every scouting report with, “If he stays healthy…”

Truth be told, there is room for but one or two comebacks on any successful Fantasy Baseball team.  More than that and you’re pushing the odds that are stacked against you.  And, like your buddy who’ll spend the winter telling anyone who’ll listen that, “If my guys hadn’t gotten hurt…” you’ll be at the bottom of your standings.

Here at, there’s an opinion on  guys at each position that are trying to return to form.  Some, we’d stay away from at all costs while with others, we’d roll the dice.  Keeping in mind that, no matter how much we like any of them, there’s no way in the world we’d take more than two. Continue reading »

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