By Eddie Mayrose
Worrying About Position Scarcity Can Make You Scarce

In the more than twenty years that the Forte Bellino Fantasy Baseball League has been in existence, the most consistently fatal blow to the title chances of any league member has been the obsession with positions where there are just a few elite options and a significant drop to the next tier.  There are some Fantasy players, no matter how often they’ve been burned, that will grab a catcher or middle infielder in the first three rounds regardless of the fact that they have no chance to receive adequate return on such an expensive investment.  If you number yourself among that group, read on and see if you can be convinced that you’re putting yourself behind the eight ball before the season begins.

Now, if you’ve followed the Fantasy Forecast for any length of time, you’ve become familiar with my draft strategies.  The roster grid, outfielders first, avoiding young hurlers whose IP have spiked, etc., have all been detailed on these pages as staples of the Master Batters selection process.  All strategies that, regardless of any opinion regarding their effectiveness, are cloaked in simplicity.  Important to note, as so many well-prepared, astute Fantasy players can’t avoid outsmarting themselves when it comes to forming their rosters. Continue reading »

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