Hall Opens Doors for Basketball Pioneer John Isaacs
by Eddie Mayrose

Sunday night, as I was watching the Cardinals beat the Cubs, I noticed on the crawl at the bottom of my screen that the Naismith Basketball Hallcheap_seats_3-150x150 of Fame had named its inductees for 2015.  At first, I sneered at the selection of the used car salesman, John Calipari, and wondered if the committee considered the two times he’d led Vacated University to the Final Four.  I laughed when I saw Spencer Haywood’s name, recalling former New York Post columnist, Peter Vescey’s pet name for the enigmatic star – Spencer Driftwood.  However, when I saw that John Isaacs would also be enshrined in Springfield,  I beamed with pride.  While I’m sure that almost all of those reading this column have no idea who he was, I am very fortunate to say that my sons, me and hundreds of others who were taught lessons about basketball and life by this quiet hero, knew him very well. Continue reading »

Gil Lock Happy to Be Back
by Eddie Mayrose

One casualty of the respite taken by those here at Fantasy Sports Dirt was Gil Lock, the guru of Ryno Rife Sports Handicapping.  During our ryno-rife5previous run, we featured Gil’s weekly college football selections, often with less than stellar results.  There came a point, actually, that things got so rough, his wife Jill and nephew Pad were summoned to his rescue, eventually being featured in the column as well.

Last week, after an incessant barrage of calls from Gil trumpeting his huge success over the first three weeks of the season and demanding that we restore his forum.  Careful what you wish for, Gilly boy, as this didn’t go so well the first time around.  That said, it is with great pleasure that we re-re-reintroduce our Locks of the Week. Continue reading »

It’s an expression we hear from time to time, usually to explain away boorish or illogical behavior by the faithful followers of a particular sports cheap_seats_3-150x150team.  “You know”, some expert will always opine, “ the word ‘fan’ comes from fanatic.”  Deep stuff, to be sure, but not a blanket answer for every situation, and, especially not deep enough to cover the nonsense coming out of the Bronx this weekend, where, it seems, “fanatic” is another word for idiot.

Let’s dismiss, for now,  the ridiculous notion that River Avenue should be renamed “Rivera” Avenue in honor of retiring pitcher Mariano Rivera.  We’ll save that for another column, although, I’m wondering how a relief pitcher toiling for the same team as Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, DiMaggio and Berra becomes the first for whom a street is named. Continue reading »

Only One Way To Replace Jeter
by Eddie Mayrose

Imagine that you’ve booked Tom Clancy to speak at a writing seminar and, on his way to the podium, he falls and breaks his ankle. Just when you think all is lost, Clive Cussler rises from his seat in the audience and agrees to take over.   Imagine, still, that Elton John will be performing at your daughter’s Sweet Sixteen party.  As he’s stepping out of his car, however, he falls and breaks his ankle.  As your little girl begin to cry, the father of one of her friends, some guy named Billy Joel, mentions that he plays the piano a little bit and would be happy to step in.  Impossible scenarios?  Absolutely.  But, despite the odds, it’s exactly where Joe Girardi finds himself this morning.  Continue reading »

Ogletree Not a One Night Stand

by Eddie Mayrose

Despite the fact that my father is a Giants fan, (season ticket holder at Yankee Stadium, Section 12), Joe Namath’s Super Bowl
III victory over the Colts won me over as a child and, essentially, sentenced me to a life of pain and anguish as I’ve backed the Jets through four decades of misery ever since that fateful, January day.

It’s not that I don’t like the Giants. In fact, you’d think I bled Big Blue if you watched a game with me. I have so much respect for Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning that it’s impossible for me to wish them anything but success. And that’s the mindset with which I sat down to watch the opener against the Cowboys on Wednesday night. Until, that is, my favorite NFL player burst onto the scene and enjoyed the game of his life. Continue reading »

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