Ogletree Not a One Night Stand

by Eddie Mayrose

Despite the fact that my father is a Giants fan, (season ticket holder at Yankee Stadium, Section 12), Joe Namath’s Super Bowl
III victory over the Colts won me over as a child and, essentially, sentenced me to a life of pain and anguish as I’ve backed the Jets through four decades of misery ever since that fateful, January day.

It’s not that I don’t like the Giants. In fact, you’d think I bled Big Blue if you watched a game with me. I have so much respect for Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning that it’s impossible for me to wish them anything but success. And that’s the mindset with which I sat down to watch the opener against the Cowboys on Wednesday night. Until, that is, my favorite NFL player burst onto the scene and enjoyed the game of his life. Continue reading »

Slow Draft Yields Roster With Upside

by Eddie Mayrose

It didn’t start well. I’d been hoping to grab Calvin Johnson with the 8th pick of the Executive Invitational Fantasy League to which I’d been invited by my buddy, Corey Parson of SiriusXM Radio’s Fantasy Sports Network.

It was a Slow Draft, the first in which I’d ever participated, taking a little over a week to complete.  I was still in the process of figuring out the draft website when I pre-selected Mega-Tron as my first round pick and A.J. Green as my second rounder.  Or so I thought. Continue reading »

And Awaaaaaay We Go
by Eddie Mayrose

Ten years ago, the professional sports world took a sabbatical after the attacks on the World Trade Center.  While it was absolutely the respectful thing to do, I remember how badly I wanted some kind of sporting event to take my mind off of the tragedy.  Today, the NFL carries out that mission, providing us the entertainment we may need to deal with such a sad, sad day.

Two months ago, we weren’t even sure this day would come; as the lockout was in full swing. Any prep work or Fantasy mock drafts seemed a little hollow, as the uncertainty of the season stole a little of the fun.  But, luckily, both parties succumbed to their greed and decided to amicably split the billions that we, the fans, provide.  So, on with the show!!! Continue reading »

Is Michael Vick Really Best in Show?
by Eddie Mayrose

A year ago, Michael Vick was an afterthought in most drafts; a late flyer probably selected as no more than a handcuff to Kevin Kolb.  After Kolb went down, however, Vick was the surprise of the season, vaulting his status from also-ran to, in some cases, the first pick in some mock drafts.

He hasn’t completely convinced the FantasySportsDirt staff, however, that he’ll return the dividends necessary to justify a first round pick. First, there’s the issue of Vick’s durability.  While his running game is precisely why he is at the top of the QB list, it also puts him just one big hit away from the injury list.

Then, there’s the Eagles’ status as the NFL’s dream team for 2011. If Philly is going to make it to the Super Bowl, it’ll be on the legs of LeSean McCoy and Ronnie Brown, not Vick.

Finally, there are just too many QB’s that’ll provide more than adequate production in later rounds to pass on a stud RB or WR to select Vick. Actually, his success in 2010 supports the argument against him.  Be patient at the QB position rather than rech for a high risk/reward guy like Vick. Continue reading »

Put Your Season in the Right Hands

by Eddie Mayrose

They are the foundation of most Fantasy Football rosters.  The stud running backs of the NFL, posting 100 yard games and lugging the pigskin over the goal line enough to make their owners kings of their Fantasy leagues.  The problem is, with so much invested, your season is doomed if your prime ball carrier disappoints.

Such was the case last year with Maurice Jones-Drew, Jacksonville’s star back who had registered 27 TD’s over the previous two campaigns. In 2011, however, despite the fact that his rushing total was, essentially, flat, his TD total plummeted to a measly 5.  Given the fact that he was likely selected in the top five of most drafts, it’s hard to believe that Jones-Drew was a member of too many Fantasy champs.

In addition to securing a marquee back, sleepers become equally important as they allow a Fantasy owner the luxury of filling other holes with better players. Owners that passed on Ray Rice last year in favor of a WR like Calvin Johnson or Roddy White were rewarded well by Ahmad Bradshaw, whose numbers compared very well to Rice.

Let’s take a look at the studs you need to have, the sleepers that will help and the busts you need to avoid. Continue reading »

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