Slow Draft Yields Roster With Upside

by Eddie Mayrose

It didn’t start well. I’d been hoping to grab Calvin Johnson with the 8th pick of the Executive Invitational Fantasy League to which I’d been invited by my buddy, Corey Parson of SiriusXM Radio’s Fantasy Sports Network.

It was a Slow Draft, the first in which I’d ever participated, taking a little over a week to complete.  I was still in the process of figuring out the draft website when I pre-selected Mega-Tron as my first round pick and A.J. Green as my second rounder.  Or so I thought. Continue reading »

It was a frustrating opening week for the Lock family as four, one-point losses stood between them and a perfect weekend.  As it was, Uncle Gil of Ryno Rife sports handicappers was winless, drawing the wrath of his nephew, Pad.

“I know it’s the first week”, said Pad, ” but c’mon, Uncle Gil.  An ohfer?”   “I went to summer camp in Maine with the worst handicapper ever.  Couldn’t pick a winner in a one-horse race.  Even he would have gotten one right.”

This little Rife rift is something to watch, as the Locks have taken action against disappointing results in the past.  One suspects that, should Pad go to the bullpen, old standby, Johnny Duduguande, could make his 2011 debut.

What gives Pad the authority to make such a move?  “Hey, I’m the guy carrying this team.  That’s the nuts and bolts of it.  If Uncle Gil doesn’t like it,  let him sell cold cuts on the Jersey Shore!”

With that threat as motivation, Gil looks to turn things around this Saturday.

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Bring NCAA Expertise to FantasySportsDirt

They’ve been a very successful trio for a few years now.  Led by Gil Lock of Ryno Rife Sports Handicappers, they’re a family unit of college football prognosticators that’s been quite impressive.  Last season Gil, his wife, Jill and their nephew, Pad, posted a 48-31-4 record against the spread.

We’re pleased to welcome them to our humble site, and look forward to bringing their opinions to you each week.  With the 2011 slate getting underway tonight, here are the Locks of the Week. (2011 record in parentheses) Continue reading »

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