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Questions I’ve Been Waiting to Ask
by Eddie Mayrose

Here we are, two days before the end of the world.  According to the Mayans, those fun-loving Guatemalans whose civilization, some time around 900 A.D., simply vanished, December 21, 2012 will bring the curtain down on mankind’s Broadway run.

Now, I have to admit, the Mayan credibility takes a bit of a hit when you realize they probably thought they’d see the final performance; only to fall one or eleven centuries short.  But, once Hollywood made the movie, I figured it had to be true.

Therefore, I’ve abandoned my plans for, what now seems, unnecessary Christmas shopping and begun to get things in order. I don’t know if I’ll need a bag, but I’ve packed one, anyway.  And, yes, I’ve included some warm weather apparel because, well, I might need it.  Yet, as the date approaches, I find myself excited by the prospect of, finally, having some questions answered by the Big Guy.  You know, those things in a lifetime that, no matter how much time passes, always make you wonder.  Having no idea how much time I’ll have alone with Him, I decided it would be prudent to knock my list down to ten, so as to focus on the really, really important stuff.  Who knows?  Maybe He watches Letterman, too.

So, submitted for your approval and as the last column with which I’ll bore you, (you hope), here are the Top Ten questions I’d like to ask God.

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Only One Way To Replace Jeter
by Eddie Mayrose

Imagine that you’ve booked Tom Clancy to speak at a writing seminar and, on his way to the podium, he falls and breaks his ankle. Just when you think all is lost, Clive Cussler rises from his seat in the audience and agrees to take over.   Imagine, still, that Elton John will be performing at your daughter’s Sweet Sixteen party.  As he’s stepping out of his car, however, he falls and breaks his ankle.  As your little girl begin to cry, the father of one of her friends, some guy named Billy Joel, mentions that he plays the piano a little bit and would be happy to step in.  Impossible scenarios?  Absolutely.  But, despite the odds, it’s exactly where Joe Girardi finds himself this morning.  Continue reading »

Evaluating Fantasy Players With New Addresses

by Eddie Mayrose

It was an interesting off season for free agents that had, formerly, been the faces of their franchises.  Since the Cardinals finished off the Rangers in the World Series, Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, Jose Reyes and Jonathan Papelbon have all signed mega-deals and changed the landscape of their new teams as well as the ones they left.

While these four perennial All Stars are certainly the most notable of the players that are wearing different uniforms in 2012, there are many more that, when valued correctly, can go a long way to improving your squad this season. Continue reading »

Wild Card Format Hurts Rivalry

by Eddie Mayrose

It should have been a baseball fan’s dream.  The game’s biggest rivalry, Yankees-Red Sox, taking center stage in the middle of August with the teams dead even atop the AL East standings.  In years past, each city would have come to a dead stop as the series played out.  This time around, however, in the dreaded era of the Wild Card, it was just another three game summer set.
There has been much excitement generated by the playoff format that was expanded in 1995.  Not only have teams that would have otherwise been eliminated enjoyed the added thrills and ticket sales generated by a pennant race, more than a few have manage to win the World Series. Iis there that advocates of the system point when extolling its virtues.

There is a dark side to this, though, one that the suits at MLB choose to ignore, and it made its annual appearance in the middle of the AL East race.  With both the Bombers and Bosox nine games clear of their closest Wild Card contender, each is virtually guaranteed a playoff berth already.  Thus, there is no urgency to juggle pitching rotations in order to create favorable matchups or rush injured players back on to the field.  Why bother?  The division title has been rendered meaningless by the playoff system that Bud Selig and his money grabbing minions have sworn to uphold. Continue reading »

2011 Fantasy Baseball Stars

by Eddie Mayrose

The wailing and gnashing of teeth will begin later today as Major League Baseball announces the players that will represent their league in next Tuesday’s All Star Game.  That was actually a carefully written sentence, as quite a few of those named have accomplished nothing close to what a discerning baseball fan would consider All Star stats.  In a well-intended system intended to encourage fan participation that has, instead, degenerated into a popularity contest, many actual stars will be watching from their living rooms while less deserving players enjoy the spotlight.

More than a few factors contribute to this annual mess, not the least of which is the voting process. Want a good laugh?  Don’t scream about the fact that Troy Tulowitzki currently leads Jose Reyes in the balloting at shortstop.  Scan down the page for the real joke: that more than a million think that Yuniesky Betancourt belongs in the game.

The fact that each team must be represented also damages the game’s credibility, creating a distinct disadvantage for the NL, which must fill two more required spots than the AL. Then there’s the nonsense by which the managers have discretion over the selection of substitutes; often abusing the privilege to accommodate their own players. Continue reading »

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