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Questions I’ve Been Waiting to Ask
by Eddie Mayrose

Here we are, two days before the end of the world.  According to the Mayans, those fun-loving Guatemalans whose civilization, some time around 900 A.D., simply vanished, December 21, 2012 will bring the curtain down on mankind’s Broadway run.

Now, I have to admit, the Mayan credibility takes a bit of a hit when you realize they probably thought they’d see the final performance; only to fall one or eleven centuries short.  But, once Hollywood made the movie, I figured it had to be true.

Therefore, I’ve abandoned my plans for, what now seems, unnecessary Christmas shopping and begun to get things in order. I don’t know if I’ll need a bag, but I’ve packed one, anyway.  And, yes, I’ve included some warm weather apparel because, well, I might need it.  Yet, as the date approaches, I find myself excited by the prospect of, finally, having some questions answered by the Big Guy.  You know, those things in a lifetime that, no matter how much time passes, always make you wonder.  Having no idea how much time I’ll have alone with Him, I decided it would be prudent to knock my list down to ten, so as to focus on the really, really important stuff.  Who knows?  Maybe He watches Letterman, too.

So, submitted for your approval and as the last column with which I’ll bore you, (you hope), here are the Top Ten questions I’d like to ask God.

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Yanks’ First Half MVP?  It’s Brian Cashman

by Eddie Mayrose

Tell the truth. Last February, if you’d somehow found out that the Yankees would be without Rafael Soriano and Joba Chamberlain in the back of their bullpen, that Mark Teixeira would be hitting just .240 in July and that Alex Rodriguez would have just 13 HR in an injury-plagued season, you’d have been hoping for a third-place finish in the AL East. At best. Yet, here are the Bombers, without one truly reliable pitcher in their rotation after C.C. Sabathia, sitting just a game-and-a-half behind the Red Sox in the game’s toughest division while enjoying a seven-game Wild Card lead over its closest rival. How? Look no further than General Manager Brian Cashman.

Cashman was vilified over the winter for his perceived disloyalty to the Yankee organization — first, by refusing to be suckered into bidding against himself for the services of Derek Jeter, then, for not falling in line behind the signing of Soriano, which was orchestrated over his head. Jeter, despite the incredible fashion in which he eclipsed 3,000 hits, has been muddling along with a batting average below last year’s, the worst of his career, while registering just 17 extra-base hits. Soriano, after disappointing early, is on the DL with no return date in sight. At this juncture, Cashman looks anything but disloyal; rather, he seems to have had a crystal ball. Maybe the baseball decisions should be left to the baseball guys. Continue reading »

by Eddie Mayrose

Despite the largest payroll in the game, the Yankees will begin the 2011 season with A.J. Burnett following C.C. Sabathia in the starting rotation. Burnett, a huge disappointment over the two seasons since he signed a five-year $80 million contract, is a far cry from Cliff Lee, now the Phillies second starter after the Yankees failed to land him in the off-season.  However, with the Bombers as strapped for pitching as they are, Burnett becomes their only option.
In previous seasons, standard operating procedure for Yanks’ GM Brian Cashman would be to fill his team’s needs at the trading deadline with a star from a team looking to rebuild and dump salary.  That may be next to impossible this season, though, as one player won’t get it done.  If Burnett continues his slide, Cashman will likely need to fill three spots in the rotation if the Yankees are to make a run at a playoff bid.
The Yankees’ predicament stems from the fact that they put all of their eggs in Lee’s basket during the free agent season , leaving themselves seemingly without a backup plan when he headed south on the Jersey Turnpike.  Left only with the option of inviting the likes of Bartolo Colon and Mark Pryor to camp, the Yanks now head into 2011 with questions that their wallets may, finally, be unable to answer. Continue reading »

D’Antoni’s Shortcomings Exposed

by Eddie Mayrose

Was actually encouraged by the way the New York Knicks started the season.  Not that I had any expectations about a championship or even a playoff appearance, for that matter. Rather, I was just happy that the roster was now populated with players that I could actually root for; a stark contrast to the band of miscreants that wore the uniform over the course of Isiah Thomas’ reign of error.  Gone were Stephon Marbury, Nate Robinson and Jerome James, replaced by hard-working players like Toney Douglas and Ronny Turiaf, not to mention A’mare Stoudamire,the biggest talent to hit the Garden floor in a long time.  However, my optimism was dashed very quickly last week after I sat through Knicks-Warriors. Continue reading »

Wagstaff Advances After Close Call in Survivor League

by Eddie Mayrose

As the second half of the season began for the McGee Survivor League, things looked bleak for our favorite Fantasy Football prof as he and son Tim headed into action without the services of New York Giants‘ RB Ahmad Bradshaw; sitting out his bye week. As feared, the less than impressive tandem of Chris Ivory and Javon Ringer returned less than 5 points.  However, in an affirmation of Wagstaff’s theory that wide receivers should be your first round targets in a Fantasy Football Draft, the brothers Johnson, Calvin and Andre, totaled 56 points to carry the day. Now, with just six teams left and all byes behind them, Waggie and Tim have set their sights on last year’s champ, Dr. Pete, in hopes that the league may be theirs. Continue reading »

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