by Mike Lopiparo

Yes, I’m qualified to write a column.  My full name is Mike
Lopiparo and I produced sports for 17-years at 1010 WINS Radio.  You
know,  “All News All the Time” and “You give us 22-minutes, etc, etc,
etc.  I also did work during the Olympics at the ABC Radio Network.

Let’s start with the San Francisco Giants!!!!  Why????   I’m a
Giants fan since 1961.   I don’t have that much to show for it.  No
World Series titles; just three National League pennants;  divisional
playoff appearances on five occasions; assorted “chokes” and some
awful trades.   But I’m a happy man this year.  I’ve always wanted the
Giants to have great pitching.  I was always jealous of the Dodgers in
the 1960′s (Koufax will do that to you) and admired the Orioles in all
those years they won a pennant and had top-flight starting pitching.
Well…the Giants now have that and I consider this year a success even
though their chances of beating the Phillies is slim since San
Francisco hits like a team in the era when the baseball was similiar to
a rolled-up sock.  Of course I miss Barry Bonds.   Was he taking
steroids??? Probably.  Was he NOT a nice guy??  Probably.   But did he
hold up the Giants for more than a decade??  Definitely!!!!!.

A word about the Mets.  It will NOT be easy to sell season
tickets for 2011.  Their ace won’t be ready in April.   Their star
centerfielder continues to limp.   The seats are too expensive.   The division is
too tough for the Mets to win it…at least next year.  The Mets lack cohesiveness.
while their competition…the Yankees….completely overshadow them.  Boy, does the
new General Manager have his work cut out for him.
The Minnesota Twins deserve a spanking!!!!   This year’s playoff
loss hurts their reputation a bit.  For the first time they are
starting to look like a team that is dangerous only in the regular season…ala the Phoenix
Suns or San Diego Chargers.  The Twins need to open the checkbook and
geta “lights-out” pitcher.  Where were they when Halladay was
available?????  They should be throwing some millions at Cliff Lee in
the off-season.

I hate talking about Lebron James…but I do have some thoughts.  
I found it extremely funny, as I’m sure you did, when his entourage
claimed racism was the reason for any bad talk about King James.  Where were those comments when he was the lead story numerous times en-route to the momentus decision made on a prime-time ESPN special????  His entourage, made up of incompetent and unqualified hanger-ons, almost like a gang.
I wasn’t as critical about Lebron when he left the cavs as others were.
He did put the team on the map; got them to the NBA finals: sold out
the place; and the team sold millions of jerseys.  I also felt than the ownership didn’t really fill-in the holes to make the Cavaliers a champion.  So James had a right to leave.  But…going to Miami may keep him from ever being considered the best player ever.  In fact, the Heat are considered Wade’s team since he won them a title already.  I would’ve liked to see Lebron take the challenge of leading the Knicks to a title.  Playing in New York, in-front of title starved fans,  would have made him a cult hero.  How did I know it would be tough being a Knicks fan????  I became a fan in 1962, at the age of 8.
And…in the first week, the Knicks defense allowed Wilt Chamberlain to score 100 points.  I should’ve realized then that it wasn’t going to be easy and rooted for Bill Russell and the Celtics!!!!!.

Hard to believe that the loser of the Vikings-Cowboys game on Sunday will be 1-4 and be hard-pressed to make the playoffs.  Would you have bet that Tampa Bay would have three times as many victories as those two.  Unless Wade Philips is working for nothing to help pay for the stadium, you have to wonder why Jerry Jones hasn’t pulled the rug
out from under him?  There is a website called “Brad Childress should be fired?  With the 1-3 record, Vikings fans are overloading it with nasty comments.

Who are the best-run teams in sports????  Which organizations are superior????
My Top Ten list:
1) Lakers  2) Yankees   3) Patriots  4) Steelers    5) Colts
6) Spurs   7) Red Sox   8) Red Wings   9) Phillies    10) Twins


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