Roll the Dice and Cross Your Fingers

By Eddie Mayrose

Show of hands.  How many of you made Jason Witten the first Tight End selected in your Fantasy Football Draft last year? Now, how many picked up Vernon Davis in the last few rounds?  Those of you that answered yes to the first question likely cursed Witten and his 2 measly TD’s all season while the Davis owners were pounding their chests well into the playoffs.

The point?  When it comes to Tight Ends, nothing is guaranteed so, don’t reach for them.  When a position is as thin as this, many owners foolishly think they need to grab a guy early so as not to get stuck with a stiff.  More logical, however, is the theory that you should make your selection as late as possible since most of your league mates will also be weak in the same spot. Let someone else go after Dallas Clark in the third round.  You’ll do just fine with Zach Miller in the eighth.

Professor Wagstaff’s Top 20 Tight Ends

1  Dallas Clark
2  Vernon Davis
3  Antonio Gates
4  Jason Witten
5  Zach Miller
6  Jermichael Finley
7  Brent Celek
8  Owen Daniels
9  Visanthe Shiancoe
10 Tony Gonzalez
11 Greg olsen
12 Dustin Keller
13 Chris Cooley
14 Kellen Winslow
15 John Carlson
16 Heath Miller
17 Kevin Boss
18 Jeremy Shockey
19 Todd Heap
20 Bo Sciafe

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