New York Knicks Seem Unlikely Choice for James
by Eddie Mayrose

Now that they’re finally here, after sacrificing two full seasons, the New York Knicks‘ chances to win the LeBron James sweepstakes seem as slim as their hopes to win an NBA title at any point since 1999.  While President Donnie Walsh has done a miraculous job to clear the salary cap room required to pursue two premier free agents, he’s only had two years to repair what Lil’Jimmy Dolan has had a decade to destroy.

No matter how convincing the pitch to the king might have been yesterday, the Knicks have nothing to offer but Manhattan. Sure, it’s the greatest city in the world, but not so much when you’re losing every night and getting killed on the back page.  If only the Knicks had paid even a little attention to the NBA draft instead of annually whiffing on productive players, James might have a different view of the team’s existing roster.  Ironically, David Lee, the only good pick New York has made since the Lincoln administration, is now being completely disregarded by management, as if guys who get twenty points and twelve rebounds every night are a dime a dozen.

To look at the other clubs pursuing LeBron is to realize that the Knicks are, actually, the least attractive of the bunch. Chicago already has one superstar in Derek Rose and young studs in Luol Deng and Joakim Noah.  In Miami, there is room to sign both James and Chris Bosh, then retain Dwyane Wade.  Hell, even the 12-70 Nets have better returning players than the Knicks and a new arena on the way.  Sadly, things don’t look good for Lil’ Jimmy.

Terrence Mayrose of and NY/NJ High Hoops is a lifelong Knick fan starving for something to cheer about at Madison Square Garden.  “I remember John Starks and “The Dunk”. I remember the ’94 run and Ewing’s tip-in”, said Mayrose. “I remember fights with the Heat, Charles Smith and Reggie Miller’s eight points ruining my First Communion gift. I remember despising everything about Michael Jordan’s existence, LJ’s four point play,and, of course the incredible run in ’99.  Those were all a very long time ago and I’m dying for them to give me something new to remember.”  Unfortunately for Terrence and a city full of basketball fans, it doesn’t look like new memories will be made anytime soon at Lil’ Jimmy Dolan’s MSG.  However, I’m hoping like crazy that I’m wrong.

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