by Eddie Mayrose

NBA Finals Dilemma

It seemed like such a simple choice.  As the NBA Finals began, I stood firmly behind the Boston Celtics as two of my favorite players, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett led Doc Rivers’ squad into another Finals matchup with the Lakers.  That Los Angeles features both Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant, a pair of NBA figures for whom I’ve never had any tolerance, made the decision to back the boys from Beantown all the easier.  Until I realized, however, that Nate Robinson, longtime headcase acquired in mid-season from the Knicks, would garner a championship ring should the Celtics triumph. Ouch. Now I’m left to pull for the impossible during tonight’s Game 7.  Can both teams lose?

The Buzz Around the World Cup

Was asked by Cheap Seater John Wall if there were to be comments in this space related to the World Cup. Knowing me as he does, I’m sure that John expects me to drone on (pun intended) about the ridiculous kazoos with which the South African fans have been assaulting the ears of fans across the world.  Or to ridicule the fact that these incredible athletes act as they’ve been shot at the slightest contact; attempting to draw calls from the officials.  Sorry, Johnny, none of that here. Instead, I’ll just point to the front page of Sunday’s New York Post, whose blaring headline proclaimed, “U.S. Wins 1-1″.  I mean, seriously, if we’re so overmatched that a tie is viewed as a win, why the hell are we even competing?  Make me watch this nonsense.

Timing is Everything

Has anyone else noticed that the current hot streak that has taken the Mets to within a half game of the lead in the NL East has coincided with Luis Castillo’s stint on the DL?  With Angel Pagan, a legitimate major league hitter, batting in the second spot, the Amazins have suddenly caught fire, begging the question: when Castillo comes back, will he find his way back onto the field or be shown his rightful place on the bench?

That’s What a Dad Does

On Opening Day, New York Yankee designated hitter Nick Johnson caught quite a bit of flack from his teammates.  It seems that, after making a promise to his nine year old daughter, Johnson chose “Party in the U.S.A.” by Miley Cyrus as the song that would be played when he came to bat.  Needless to say, it wasn’t well received by many of his young teammates as Johnson heard about it all the way into the Bombers’ locker room after the game.  The next morning, however, when Craig Carton tried to pile on Johnson during his morning show on WFAN, it was Boomer Esiason that brought some sanity to the issue.  “He promised his daughter”, said Esiason, “and that’s what a dad does.”

“That’s what a dad does.”  He stops playing golf because Little League baseball is way cooler when you’re playing.   He sits in a gym for hours at a time because, maybe,  you might knock down a three pointer; even though your minutes are seriously limited.  He worries about you whenever you’re out of the house but says nothing, because he won’t cramp your style.  He tells you you’re really doing well behind the wheel, even after you’ve driven into a hedgerow. And, most of all, he loves your mom.

In an episode of Taxi, the greatest sitcom of them all, Alex Reeger offers his opinion of fatherhood.  ” You worry from the day they’re born and it never stops.  You worry when they’re sick. You worry when they don’t come home from school on time.  You worry about their grades and whether they’re running around with the right kids.  You worry if they’ll meet the right girl and get a good job.  It never ends.  And for what?  Maybe a hug and a kiss every once in a while because the kid feels like he has to?  All in all?  It’s not a bad deal.”  Happy Father’s Day.

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