Ogletree Not a One Night Stand

by Eddie Mayrose

Despite the fact that my father is a Giants fan, (season ticket holder at Yankee Stadium, Section 12), Joe Namath’s Super Bowl
III victory over the Colts won me over as a child and, essentially, sentenced me to a life of pain and anguish as I’ve backed the Jets through four decades of misery ever since that fateful, January day.

It’s not that I don’t like the Giants. In fact, you’d think I bled Big Blue if you watched a game with me. I have so much respect for Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning that it’s impossible for me to wish them anything but success. And that’s the mindset with which I sat down to watch the opener against the Cowboys on Wednesday night. Until, that is, my favorite NFL player burst onto the scene and enjoyed the game of his life.

Don't be so quick to dismiss Kevin Ogletree's performance in Week 1. The ingredients are there for a breakout season.

As a high schooler, Kevin Ogletree, certainly the most acquired player in Fantasy Football this week,  went up against my son’s school early in his senior season. To that point, Terrence had been struggling to gain the confidence of his position coach, who preferred a more athletic player at cornerback, despite the fact that he was woefully inexperienced. Ogletree took full advantage that day, finding the end zone four times against his overmatched opponent.

It was then that my son was inserted as the starter, the secondary did not allow a TD pass the rest of the way, and Terrence went on to enjoy a wonderful college career at the Division III level- events that, to this day, he credits to that dominant performance by the future Cowboy.

Ogletree became a star at the University of Virginia and has spent the last few years struggling to make a name for himself with America’s Team. That is, until last Wednesday.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss his performance as a one hit wonder. He’s in a pass happy offense, and neither Dez Bryant or Miles Austin is anywhere near a lock to play 16 games. Ogletree has the potential to be this year’s version of Victor Cruz. And, if that happens, no one in Dallas will be happier than the guys in the Mayrose house.


As I Sit and Think

While the Buffalo Bills appeared, at times, as if they had gathered up 22 guys in the parking lot to face the Jets in last week’s opener, we believe in Gang Green WR Stephen Hill. Yes, we know he caught less than 30 balls in Georgia Tech’s option offense last year, but he averaged better than 29 yard per grab. Hell, he even showed a little Michael Irvin as he manhandled the Bills’ corners. If he’s on your FA wire, he’s absolutely worth a grab, as we wouldn’t be surprised to see 65+ catches and 8-10 TD… Looks like the law firm of Ben Jarvus Green Ellis will be given a lot more opportunity in Cincinnati than he ever saw while playing for the Bellichicks. He banged out 91 yards against the powerful Ravens D, falling short of the century mark only when the Bengals were forced to abandon the run early in the second half. This could be a 1,200 yard back with double digit TD… Despite the fact that we love the Cards’ WR combo of Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd, we can’t get behind them with Arizona’s QB situation as bad as it is…. With Revis Island closed for the weekend, you have to love Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace as the Steelers get back on track against a Big Rexy Defense that will also be missing LB Calvin Pace… Before you get all warm and fuzzy about C.J. Spiller, remember that his impressive Week 1 total against the Jets included two long runs in an otherwise pedestrian performance.  Proceed with caution… After a 1-2 start to the season, the Wagstaff picks for this week are the Ravens +2, Giants – 7 and the Seahawks +3.  Go Huxley!

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