Penn State Officials Enabled Sandusky

by Eddie Mayrose

“Callous and shocking disregard for victims”.  That is how Judge Louis Freeh described the actions of the fraud, Joe Paterno, and the rest of the Cowardly Lions of Penn State as they attempted to cover up the criminal actions of Jerry Sandusky. Maybe now, after all this time, Paterno’s apologists, the ones who insist that the gutless coach followed procedure by reporting what he knew to his “superiors”, will shut up and go away.  It is time for the university, more of an inbred cult than a school, really, to acknowledge the heinous actions of the small coward that patrolled its sidelines for nearly half a century and turn its attention to finding a way to, finally, deliver justice to the victims.

Three weeks ago, after Sandusky was convicted on 45 counts of sexual abuse, I watched him being escorted from the courthouse and realized that no sentence would ever fit his crimes. That he will die in prison seems too small a price to pay for having not only stolen the lives of children, but to have actually founded an organization to facilitate his monstrous acts. Sadly, though, that is all that is left, and consecutive life sentences will have to do.

It is important, however, to realize that the Cowardly Lions, and especially Paterno, were every bit as culpable as Sandusky from the moment they learned that he was a monster and chose to protect their financial interests instead of the children. It is important to realize that, through their inaction, they ALL abused those children. And, more than anything else, it is important that they now make reparation for their tragic decisions.

Despite his success on the field, the late Joe Paterno's legacy is now the role he played in facilitating Jerry Sandusky's sexual abuse of children.

A good start would be to remove Paterno’s statue from the entrance to Beaver Stadium, as it now stands as a monument to the terrible consequences of the school’s indifference.  Another would be to keep Paterno’s son, Jay, away from anyone with a microphone, or at least have someone standing by to slap him every time he intimates that his father followed procedure by reporting the shower incident to his superiors.  Let’s be very clear: Paterno had no superiors at Penn State and, as was revealed by emails uncovered during the investigation, dictated policy at the school. Finally, it is time to forfeit the tainted riches of its football program to Sandusky’s victims, a fate as symbolic as it is punitive, since it was the protection of this very institution that endangered these children in the first place.

A few years back, when, after his death, it came to light that longtime Poly Prep football coach, Phil Foglietta, had sexually abused students for more than two decades, a close friend of mine, enraged by the crimes of the previously revered coach, commented on what he thought would be an appropriate punishment.  ”They should dig him up and shoot him.”  I’m thinking that now might be a good time for someone at Penn State to find a shovel.

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  1. It is amazing, that while listening to Philadelphia talk radio, the number of people who call in and actually defend Joe Pa. There seems to have been nothing that this man could have done wrong…pathetic!

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