Work To Do After Auction

by Eddie Mayrose

As a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, I was recently invited into an Auction League by Colby Schaeffer of ProFSL.  I don’t know that Colby called it an experts league, (tough to do, I suppose, after inviting me), but I certainly considered it to be.  I’ve got some work to do now that the auction is complete, as I came up a little short on the back end of my pitching staff.  You’ll also see that Joe Mauer is my UT for $17, as I got caught with my pants down, after grabbing Alex Avila,  trying to inflate his value.  Well, as you all know, I love the Twins anyway, so maybe Mauer stays off the DL this year.

Check out the impressive list of GM’s, as well as Colby’s extremely cool, Bill James based scoring. We’ll be posting from time to time about my progress, (or lack thereof), during the season.  For now, Can’t wait for Thursday! Enough of these up and down games with clocks.  Take me out to the ball game!

This is the first article in a long series about the ProFSL MLB Challenge 2012 hosted by advanced fantasy sports community ProFSL and played on Yahoo  This challenge is a free, redraft, H2H-points league composed of 12 GMs across 9 different websites.

The scoring system used for the league is fairly unique.  It is rooted in the writings of Bill James and is a Yahoo friendly version of ProFSL’s Moneyball franchise-style dynasty league.  This system weighs baseball statistics in detail covering the likes of HBP, CS, and GIDP.  It rewards position players much more than pitchers based on James’ ratios.  His ratios suggested that pitching contributed 36% to a win, batting was 47%, and defense was 17%.  Well, with a defense-neutral scoring system, these ratios change to about 57% batting and 43% pitching.  Nevertheless, a great pitching staff can lead teams to victories just as it proves in real-life.  This scoring system goes even further with the roster as there are 5 SP slots and 6 RP slots.  Rotating pitchers is not a must for teams who run 5-man rotations.  While there is no weekly IP limit, there is a weekly acquisition limit of 4 players to prevent streaming.

This first article will go into detail about Monday night’s auction draft .  It was a competitive event that lasted three hours.  We even took a couple timeouts (one for a mishap Adrian Beltre pick by the disconnected Sherpas).  Auction drafts  notoriously take longer, but some great results come out of them.  Every GM can use their own unique strategy to build their team.  In this issue, each team will not be analyzed, but the overall results of the draft and implied rankings will be analyzed.  Teams will be analyzed shortly before the season starts to give GMs time to shore up their rosters.  Before we cover the draft, here is the Roster of GMs and Dollar Values in the Challenge.   


The Moonlight Graham Roster

C –  Alex Avila $18  ( Probably spent too much,  backstops like Posey were cheaper, later on.  Love Avila, though.)

1B- Joey Votto $54  (The one guy I had to have, and a steal compared to Miggy at $68.)

2B- Ryan Roberts $5

SS- Jhonny Peralta $1 (Why does Jhonny get no love?)

3B- Ryan Zimmerman $29

OF- Josh Hamilton $25

OF- Ichiro Suzuki $8 (Need a big bounce back season or I’m through.)

OF- Delmon Young $1

UT- Joe Mauer $17 (Sometimes we outsmart ourselves.)

Bench-Paul Goldschmidt $8  (Expecting a huge year.)

Bench- Jemile Weeks $1

Bench- Dexter Fowler $1


SP- Clayton Kershaw $34   ( My anchor.  Thought he was cheap at $34)

SP- Matt Cain $18

SP- Josh Johnson $11  (If healthy, a steal.  That’s a BIG if.)

SP- John Danks $2

SP- Brett Myers $1 (Houston’s closer.  My last option for Saves.)

RP-Matt Moore $18 (The most expensive RP, because I bid on him as an SP.)

RP- John Axford $5

RP- Matt Capps $1

RP- Scott Downs $1








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