By Eddie Mayrose

Looking forward to the greatest sports week of the year, featuring the NCAA championship game, the Masters and, of course, Opening Day of the MLB season. Come Sunday afternoon, it may take a surgeon to remove the remote control from my hand…Was disappointed by the result of the National Semi-Final between Kentucky and Louisville, as I was rooting for both coaches to lose… With Michael Pineda headed to the DL, (no doubt as a direct result of my drafting him), you have to wonder if the Mariners knew they were dealing damaged goods.  Why else would they give up on such a powerful young arm?… No matter how many opinions are offered as to the reason the Jets traded for Tim Tebow, very few have anything to do with the most important- He stinks.  Talk all you want about that winning streak the Broncos enjoyed when he first took over, but it was driven by an excellent defense.  Don’t forget how bad he was against New England, Buffalo and, especially, Kansas City when the Broncos needed a win to get into the playoffs… No matter how many Fantasy Drafts I’ve been in, I am always amazed how much importance guys place on stolen bases.  I don’t care if Emilio Bonifacio gets 100 bags, I can’t make up for the zeroes he gives me in the other categories… Don’t get caught sleeping on your roster during the first month, as the pickups you make can sometimes be more important than your draft picks… The fact that Tiger won at Bay Hill isn’t enough for me to slot him as the favorite at Augusta.  He did look a lot like the old Tiger, but Bay Hill is as close to a home-court advantage as any golfer can have, as Woods won for the seventh time.  If he’s on the first page of the leaderboard after the second day, then I’ll believe… Took Matt Kemp with the third pick in my mixed league the other night, not even considering Ryan Braun.  In fact, had Kemp been gone, I’d have taken Jose Bautista, so little faith have I in Braun the Juicehead.  With Fielder and Hart no longer protecting him and a reasonable expectation that he’s no longer using PED’s, I’m a short seller… Looking forward to the 25th season of the 40Kane Fantasy Baseball League.  After a quarter century, it’s now more about staying in touch with frienda than it is baseball.  We’ve been there for each other through marriage, births and deaths, as well as the trials and tribulations of the last decade, when a weakened economy ravaged our livelihood on Wall Street. We’ve leaned on each other for support, reveled in each other’s company and welcomed our sons into the league as owners.  I laugh when I hear gasbags like Mike Francesa label Fantasy players as guys with no lives.  In my league, we sustain the friendships that make our lives special.  Have a great season, guys.

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