The Doctor is In

by Eddie Mayrose

Ray Kinsella: “Fifty years ago, for five minutes you came within… you came this close.  It would KILL some men to get so close to their dream and not touch it.  God, they’d consider it a tragedy.”

Dr. Archibald “Moonlight” Graham: “Son, if I’d only gotten to be a doctor for five minutes… now that would have been a tragedy.”

One of our favorite scenes from the classic, “Field of Dreams”, regarded by FantasySportsDirt staff as the greatest film ever made.  While we admire Moonlight’s dedication to the wonderful people of Chisholm, Minnesota, we can’t help but wish that Giants’ manager John McGraw had “waved a bony finger in my direction” just a few innings earlier, enabling the rookie to get that one Major League at bat that had eluded him.

With just about half of the 2011 season in the books, maybe we can pave the way for Moonlight to combine his two passions, as our mailbag is filled with letters from patients complaining of many symptoms that have their Fantasy Baseball teams under the weather and seeking advice.  Whattaya think, Doc?


Hey Doc,

I’m in a 5×5 mixed league, no keepers.  I’m also a huge fan of the White Sox.  Can’t get enough of ‘em.  White Sox, White Sox, White Sox. Problem is, I tend to run my Fantasy team the same way. That backfired on me this season as I missed out on Konerko and Quentin and, instead, ended up with Rios and Dunn, both of whom are absolutely killing me. Do you think they’ll rebound in the second half or should I cut ‘em loose?

Maxwell, Kansas


My first suggestion is that you make drastic changes to your strategy.  It’s never a good idea to have too many players from one team.  That said, here’s what I think of Rios and Dunn.  Neither has a place in your lineup right now but Rios doesn’t even deserve a spot on your roster.  I can understand your desire to be patient with Dunn, given his past performance.  But there’s no ignoring the fact that he has just one hit vs. LHP in three months.  Stash him on your bench and hope that, somehow, he starts hitting the ball.  Rios has to go, however, as his disastrous 2011 is merely a continuation of the decline that started in Toronto two years ago.  No pop, no bags AND no BA make it easy for me to recommend a Rios-ectomy.  Good luck the rest of the way.


Dr. Graham,
My league is a weekly, head to head, no keepers.  I’m strong in the outfield but could use a closer.  Aside for the top tier guys, is there a closer that you think might help me in the second half that I could get for either Brennan Boesch or Seth Smith?

Richie J.
Horsehead, Montana

The easy answer to your question is the closer that I’d target: Matt Capps of the Twins.  Minnesota is on a tear, having won 15 of the last 18, and will no doubt make their usual second half run.  Capps has been solid filling in for Joe Nathan, who doesn’t seem any closer to returning.  The guy I’d give up, however, may surprise you.  I’d trade Boesch, even though he’s doing slightly better than Smith.  The Tigers’ outfielder had a similar first half in 2010 before flaming out spectacularly while Smith is enjoying his first year as a regular and is in a much better park.  Besides, Boesch may yield more than just Capps at this point.



I’m in a dynasty league and recently opened up a spot for a minor leaguer through a trade.  Is there a farmhand out there that you think might help his team in 2012?

Cee Crease, Florida

Evaluating Minor Leaguers is as inexact a science as possible, with many different leagues and talent levels muddling the statistics.  However, if I had to pick one guy that’ll be in an opening day lineup next season it’d be Pull Goldschmidt in Arizona.  Fresh off a 2010 season that saw him hit 35 dingers with 108 RBI and a .314 BA, Goldschmidt has picked up right where he left off.  The D’Backs’ top prospect is currently tearing up the AA Southern League to the tune of .324-23-65 in just 72 games.  He’s your guy.


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